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Why do some persist and some quit? Because…

Is there a secret to follow-up? No. Is there a best way to follow-up? No. Why do people quit too soon? Big question. Why do you quit too soon? Bigger question.

Do You Know Who the Competition is?

It’s important to find out exactly what’s going on behind closed doors at the account. Then, use the strategy suggested by Victor Cheng to save the sale.

How to Make Your Business Card Work For You

Despite email addresses and Twitter handles, the trusty business card is still a reliable and easy way to spread awareness about your business and ensure that clients and prospects have your information on hand.

For the love of sales, not the love of money

Do you love sales? Do you love what you do? These are not questions I pulled out of the air. These are questions that directly affect your productivity, your attitude, your income, your success and your fulfillment.

Strike a Powerful Pose to Sell and Serve Better

Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy’s research into power posing can change your sales life. I want you to consider incorporating power posing daily – to better serve your customers and maintain their loyalty. Melia Robinson explains power posing as “the act of taking a posture of confidence,

What’s the Difference Between Sales and Marketing?

Where does marketing end and sales begin? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it’s a question many managers wrestle with. It’s also one of the biggest obstacles to getting your sales and marketing efforts in alignment.

Gatekeeper Blocking Your Sales Call? 2 Tips to Bypass Them!

STOP! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three! Running into gatekeepers on cold calls may make the effort seem futile, but never fear! These tips can help you successfully navigate your encounter with the Bridge Troll…er, gatekeeper.

How to Secure Your Spot in the Top 20% List

In a recent post on Salesforce.com, Shelley Cernel notes that today’s typical B2B buying decision involves getting up to 6 decision makers to agree. If you don’t take care of these decision makers, you quickly fall off the list of the 20% of sales reps who are seen as valuable.

Sell Yourself to Your Self

Let’s talk about your self-talk. Yup, I know you talk to yourself. We all do. It’s actually really healthy if done right. But most of us don’t do it right. Do we? We are our own worst critics inside our heads. While being realistic with yourself is crucial, being too harsh is detrimental.

9 Phrases Secretly Sabotaging Your Sales Presentation

You’re mid-presentation, the client is interested and engaged, and you can already see their signature on the dotted line. But suddenly things change, and you’re dealing with an impatient, shut down prospect. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Nail the Art of Email with These Tips

You never have a second chance to make a first good impression. Check out these tips provided by Barbara Pachter, for Inc., in order to make sure your email stands out and that you’re presenting yourself as a true professional.

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