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Secrets to Delivering A Stellar Product Demo

Whether delivered online, over the phone or in-person, product demos are a powerful tool used by salespeople to showcase what they’re selling and bring that product to life for prospects.

How to Get Your Prospect to Consider Value (and Not Just Cost)

The question of cost is often dreaded by salespeople. But, it doesn’t have to be if you reframe your thinking. According to a recent article by Matt Tuson for SalesHacker​.com, you can take the question regarding price and redirect the prospect’s focus to value and change how he or she perceives the price tag. “Though some

The relationship edge…Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing.

Stop Listening To Your Customers and Do THIS Instead!

What do your customers think about your company? Your product? Your service? Most companies today are doing everything in their power to collect feedback from their customers. However, all that data is going to waste!

Stop Playing the Sales Chasing Game

"Just send me some information" is a trap. Don't take the bait! One of the biggest objections heard around the world is “Can you send me some information?” It pops up early and often. What do you do now?

How to "Hunt" Today's Savvy Customers

Are you familiar with the old-school sales metaphor of the hunter vs. the hunted? The idea of salespeople being the hunters and customers the hunted is definitely outdated, thanks to the immense amount of information available online.

How to Start Your Next Presentation With A BANG

The best speakers grab their audience’s attention right from the get-go. They know how to open a presentation so that listeners immediately take notice of what they are saying and stay interested.

I’d rather have no advice than bad advice.

I can’t help it. I read some bad sales advice today and I gotta say something. I’ll try to keep it positive, but my tongue is already bleeding from biting it.

2 Steps for a Killer Customer Experience Program that Guarantees Success!

You want your customers to have an exceptional experience working with your company. However, many companies fail to achieve success in this area for one critical reason.

How to Take On the Super Competitor

The pressure to compete is part of the modern workplace, especially if you’re in sales. Check how Sue Shellenbarger recommends handling an out of control competitor.

What You SHOULDN'T Say During Cold Calls

Cold calls are a gamble–if you play your cards right, you’ll hang up with more knowledge than when you called and, perhaps, a strong new lead to explore further.

Do You Practice These Good Listening Habits?

Most salespeople think they they are good listeners–who would want to admit otherwise? Unfortunately, not all are as good as they think.

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