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SalesFuel CEO Talks Sales Enablement on Training Unleashed

Co-host Evan Hack­el sits down with C. Lee Smith, CEO and Founder of Sales­Fu­el – a Colum­bus, Ohio-based firm that was named one of the Top 15 Sales Enable­ment Ven­dors in 2019 by Sell­ing Pow­er — for the April 15, 2019 episode of the Train­ing Unleashed pod­cast. Evan and C. Lee Smith dis­cuss sales strate­gies, train­ing for larg­er com­pa­nies, adap­tive learn­ing, var­i­ous suc­cess sto­ries and more.

Are You a Salesperson or a Sales Leader?

You may think that ser­vant lead­er­ship has noth­ing to do with sales for peo­ple who aren’t in man­age­ment posi­tions. If you think that, you’re mis­in­formed.

What Prospects Need to Know to Buy Right Now

There’s a rea­son behind why that hes­i­tant buy­er isn’t sign­ing your con­tract. They just aren’t telling you what it is. And, chances are, they’re not going to tell you with­out a bit of prompt­ing.

3 Killer Ways to Close Your Sales Pitch

How you close your pitch is a make-or-break deci­sion. So, you need to know the most effec­tive ways to leave the poten­tial client feel­ing a need for what you’re sell­ing. Here are a few options.

Are You Sabotaging Your Sales with too many Buying Options?

What’s eas­i­er to choose between: two meal options or five? No mat­ter what it is you need to choose from, the process is always eas­i­er with few­er options.

Do You Commit These Common Closing Mistakes?

One of the most chal­leng­ing parts of sell­ing is the close. There are so many tiny mis­takes that can lessen your chances of mak­ing the sale.

Is the Way You're Speaking Killing Your Sales Pitch?

There’s a lot that can go wrong over the course of your sales pitch. Your own speak­ing habits make up one of those fac­tors. Here's how not to dri­ve clients away using only your voice.

Three Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid to Increase Sales

You may know your products/services back­ward and for­ward, but if you're mak­ing these three sales mis­takes, you may be sab­o­tag­ing your sale.