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How to Tell Your Story with an Explainer Video

A succinct explainer video should deliver a straightforward message that describes what you do, without getting bogged down in details."

Depth of brand = depth of success. How deep is yours?

How deep is your brand? You can say anything you want about Amazon, but you cannot doubt the power and the depth of their brand.

Do Your Customer Survey Emails Contain the Right Call to Action?

Your clients might be tempted to delete your customer service emails — unless you give them a good reason to click and read.

How to Succeed at Team Selling

If you’re now engaged in more team selling meetings, you’re not alone. In fact, increased team selling is one of the top challenges sales reps will face this year.

When to Discuss Price in Your Sales Calls

In your sales calls, where does talk of price generally pop up? If you discuss it intermittently, you should consider adjusting your strategy.

Does That Prospect Really Belong in Your Pipeline?

Is that prospect a potentially good fit for you? By answering this question early in your assessment, you save yourself time, money AND potential pipeline clogs. Sometimes, in sales, more isn't necessarily better.

Your name matters to your prospects. Or does it?

Here is a question I’ve received more than a hundred times in one form or another: How do I make a (better) name for myself? Here is the premise, the definition, and the answer:

67% of B2B Execs Believe Customer Service Makes the Sale

The quality of your customer service has never been more important than it is right now.

Are You on the Path to Becoming an A‑Grade Salesperson?

You’ve been through some great sales training. And, maybe you’ve had some solid sales with tough customers. Right now, you’re on track to make your numbers for this year. Is that enough? It won't be if you're set on developing your career. In a column for dynamicbusiness​.com, Graham Hawkins talks about what it takes to

Preparing for the Sales Call

Having a sales plan for each customer is nothing more than selling by objectives. You should plan before entering a sales situation, rather than reacting to whatever develops in the sales interview.

Stop These "Speech Killers" Now

Are your speech habits preventing you from projecting a positive image? No matter how brilliant you are, a lack of speaking skills may be holding you back from even more success.

Should You Drive Prospect Buying with Emotion or Intellect?

When selling, should you appeal to a buyer's emotion or intellect? If you think intellect is the answer, read on to find out why you may be wrong.

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