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Manage Smarter 12 — Tony Alessandra: Using Data to Reduce Your Hiring Risks

Dr. Tony Alessandra is the author of the best selling book The NEW Art of Managing People and the Chief Visionary Officer of Assessments 24x7 LLC. In episode 12, we discuss how hiring mistakes impact a company in dollars, company morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction; the need for data to check the internal biases that all hiring decision makers have; and tips for making data-driven hiring decisions.

Managers: Are You Testing Candidates for Practical Intelligence?

Are your assessment tests up to date? The latest research points to the importance of testing for situational and practical intelligence.

Is the Barista Who Serves You Coffee Your Next Sales Star?

If you're trying to hire your next sales superstar, Alice Heiman has some tips on how to achieve this goal. The first step you need to take is to look beyond folks who are already in a sales job.