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Myth or Matter of Fact?

Every industry has its myths about what it takes to be successful, and sales are no different. President of Stevens Consulting Group Drew Stevens reveals what he believes to be major sales myths on his blog.

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Four Steps to A Sale

If you had to separate the sales process into four steps, how would it look?

More Selling Tips for Recession Conditions

"…in a recession ‘value' takes on a different meaning in the eyes of the client," writes sales consultant Paul Collins in a recent article for Rain Today. Collins presents eight tips to boost your business's value during this rough economic time.

An Acronym to Sell By

LOL. BRB. ROTFL. Among many others, these acronyms have crept into our daily lexicon. I recently came across a blog post by Dave Brock, a sales consultant, who introduced me to a very important acronym in the sales industry: WIIFM.

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