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Shoppers Now Use 5 Devices to Buy

Consumers are now using an average of 5 'connected' devices in the purchase process, compared to 2.8 devices a year ago, but retailers are not fully exploiting the potential of personalization, according to research from digital marketing specialist agency DigitasLBi.

Retailers Use New Strategies to Counteract Showrooming

Remember showrooming? Not so long ago, retail giant Amazon encouraged smartphone owners to engage in price comparisons using their smartphones. Amazon is a source of never-ending disintermediating threats to the traditional retail world, including the latest idea from Bezos to have drones deliver products to customers’ doorsteps. However, showrooming is not as popular as it once was. A new IBM report reveals that retailers are successfully counteracting this problem.

Mobile Devices Are a Key Driver of Online and Offline Consumer Electronics Spending

The synergy between the consumer shopping behavior of showrooming and internet product research, as well as digital advertising and online purchasing, is becoming increasingly pronounced and interdependent – and consumer electronics brands can benefit by adjusting their marketing strategies. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), while 42% of in-store mobile device using shoppers ultimately made their purchase online, a full 30% made their purchase in the store.

Retailers to Align Marketing Content for Online and Traditional Outlets

Gone are the days when shoppers used to wander into a traditional store, hoping to be waited on by a clerk. Advance digital shopping is now so commonplace that Cisco categorized most consumers as being part of the ‘digital mass market.’ This behavioral shift has huge implications for vendors vying to market and sell to these consumers.

Retailers Change up Marketing to Fight Showrooming

Retailers see it every day. A shopper comes into the store, takes out his mobile phone and starts comparing prices. In too many cases, the showrooming behavior leads the shopper to buy the product online. But retailers have ways to fight back, say the analysts at Aimia.