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How to Convince Small Businesses They Need Websites

When a friend recommends a new business to you, you probably head straight to their website to look up their location, explore their products, and figure out their range of prices. So, why do nearly 40% of small businesses not have websites?

Specialization is How Small Agencies Can Win Business from Big Ones

It’s difficult being a small ad agency going up against the big kids on the block. However, that may be because a lot of smaller agencies overlook this key competitive advantage.

Regulations, Slow Sales Worry Small Business Owners

Today’s small business owners may be one of the toughest groups for marketers to reach. These consumers are usually overwhelmed by the challenges of keeping revenue coming through the door, managing their employees and thinking of new products and services to bring to the marketplace. A survey published by NFIB​.com shows that SMB owners share some universal concerns while other problems are more likely to surface on a regional basis.

Finding Customers is Biggest Challenge in Small Business Marketing

Small business owners wear many hats including the one that carries the title Chief Marketing Officer. When it comes to marketing, nearly 2 out of every 3 small business owners make these decisions alone. If you’re one of these overworked individuals, you might appreciate knowing how other small business owners cope.