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Don't Get Left Behind: The Newest Marketing Trends in Small Business

What are U.S. small busi­ness own­ers think­ing about their sales, adver­tis­ing, online/mobile mar­ket­ing, and social net­work­ing? What do they have to do to stay at the top of their customer's mind? Ad-ology's Small Busi­ness Mar­ket­ing Fore­cast answers these ques­tions and reveals insight into how busi­ness own­ers can tack­le these chal­leng­ing mar­kets. C. Lee Smith, Pres­i­dent

Very Small Businesses to Increase Online Marketing Efforts

Even the small­est busi­ness oper­a­tors are begin­ning to see the light at the end of the tun­nel. A sig­nif­i­cant minor­i­ty of busi­ness­es with 4 or few­er employ­ees says the econ­o­my has some­what improved in the past 12 months. As a result, these small busi­ness­es plan to increase adver­tis­ing, espe­cial­ly online, this year.

New Survey Confirms Small Businesses Plan 2011 Marketing Increases

Busi­ness own­ers who oper­ate with few­er than 10 employ­ees remain con­cerned about the econ­o­my. A sig­nif­i­cant major­i­ty of this group says the reces­sion is not over. But over half said that their 2010 busi­ness was equal to or bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous year. This expe­ri­ence has led many of these oper­a­tors to make adver­tis­ing and busi­ness devel­op­ment top pri­or­i­ties in 2011.

Best of 2010: Small Business Online Ad Spending to Increase

Best of 2010: Small busi­ness own­ers are grow­ing increas­ing­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed with their use of online search adver­tis­ing and with their abil­i­ty to trans­form the con­sumer infor­ma­tion they cap­ture into good leads.

Small and Medium-Size Businesses Expressing Optimism

After a pro­longed stretch of dour fore­casts, more small and medium-size busi­ness (SMBs) own­ers are say­ing con­di­tions have improved. Accord­ing to the Office Depot Small Busi­ness Index, con­fi­dence among small busi­ness own­ers is ris­ing when they con­sid­er the next 6 months. This con­fi­dence encom­pass­es sales, prof­its, and cap­i­tal spend­ing.

Small Businesses Seeking Credit

Small busi­ness lend­ing remains con­strained across the U.S. Loans out­stand­ing in the first quar­ter of 2010 stood at $670 bil­lion, sub­stan­tial­ly low­er than the $710 bil­lion lev­el in 2008. The Fed­er­al Reserve, under­stand­ing that small busi­ness­es employ half of U.S. work­ers and gen­er­ate an even larg­er per­cent­age of job growth, has been look­ing into why banks aren’t lend­ing to this cru­cial sec­tor. Some ana­lysts say busi­ness­es are being cau­tious and not seek­ing financ­ing. Oth­er ana­lysts indi­cate that banks are being too con­ser­v­a­tive when lend­ing to small busi­ness­es.

Small Business Owners See Negative Results from Cuts to Ad Budget

It’s often said that small busi­ness­es are the machines that dri­ve the engine of the U.S. econ­o­my. So it’s good news that about half (51%) of these busi­ness own­ers believe their rev­enue streams will ful­ly recov­er by the end of this year. This is just one of the find­ings from FedEx’s Sign of the Times Small Busi­ness Sur­vey. Anoth­er key sur­vey result indi­cates that estab­lished busi­ness own­ers (in busi­ness for 5+ years) do not plan to spend as much this year as own­ers of less-established busi­ness­es.

May 2010 Ad-ology Insights

The Ad-ology Insights May 2010 video brief­ing includes the Mir­ren New Busi­ness Con­fer­ence wrap-up, data from the CMO Coun­cil State of Mar­ket­ing report and Indus­try Mar­ket­ing Insights on land­scap­ing & lawn ser­vices.

Small Businesses Seek Marketing Help in 2010

Are small busi­ness own­ers final­ly see­ing the light at the end of the recession's tun­nel? The results of the Small Busi­ness Atti­tude sur­vey tak­en by Con­stant Con­tact point to an improved state of affairs. About 70% of the 7,000 sur­vey respon­dents say they expect busi­ness to grow mod­er­ate­ly or sig­nif­i­cant­ly this year. And over 1/3 of busi­ness­es in this sur­vey have 4 or few­er employ­ees which means they are like­ly watch­ing every pen­ny.

Small Business Online Ad Spending to Increase

Small busi­ness own­ers are grow­ing increas­ing­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed with their use of online search adver­tis­ing and with their abil­i­ty to trans­form the con­sumer infor­ma­tion they cap­ture into good leads. These find­ings comes from WebVisible’s lat­est State of Small Busi­ness Online Adver­tis­ing for the 4th quar­ter of 2009. Impor­tant met­rics from this study include the fol­low­ing:

Small Businesses to Decrease Use of Banner Ads, TV and Radio in 2010

Last week I high­light­ed WebVisible’s report on the increased use of search mar­ket­ing by small busi­ness­es. Anoth­er research con­cern, Ver­ti­cal­Re­sponse also report­ed that search engine mar­ket­ing will be a key 2010 expen­di­ture for small­er oper­a­tors. And accord­ing to Ver­ti­cal­Re­sponse, small busi­ness own­ers are plan­ning a num­ber of bud­get cuts to tra­di­tion­al media for­mats next year.

Small Business Predicted to Increase Online Search Marketing

Small busi­ness­es are con­tin­u­ing to invest in online search mar­ket­ing cam­paigns to reach new and exist­ing clients. Accord­ing to WebVisible’s 2009 Q3 Report on the State of Small Busi­ness Online Adver­tis­ing small busi­ness own­ers upped their search mar­ket­ing by 91% between the third quar­ter of 2008 and the third quar­ter of 2009. What accounts for this huge increase?

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