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Here's What Small and Large Businesses Value in Digital Ads

There are more differences between large and small companies than their advertising spending budgets. If you’re planning on selling digital advertising to either type of company, you need to understand what’s important to them.


Digital Marketing Mistakes that are Costing Small Businesses Money

Are you having trouble selling your digital marketing services to small business prospects? It may be because you’re misunderstanding what their goals and weaknesses are.


Empowering Small Businesses Through Social Media

According to Visual Objects, 62% of small businesses consider social an important part of marketing and 88% are planning on investing more in social media. But which ones are of the most interest to your small business clients and prospects?


Why Small Businesses Need Websites

If one of your clients is a small business owner who doesn’t think they need a website, you need to let them know just how wrong they are. According to a Search Engine Land article written by Greg Sterling, a social media page and a minor Google presence are not good enough for consumers.


More Americans Would Rather Shop Local than on Amazon

"An Ipsos poll reveals the extent to which Americans have a favorable opinion toward different ideas, companies and people."


How to Convince Small Businesses They Need Websites

When a friend recommends a new business to you, you probably head straight to their website to look up their location, explore their products, and figure out their range of prices. So, why do nearly 40% of small businesses not have websites?


Technology is on the Top of Half of Small Business Owners’ Investments Lists

CIT Direct Capital, the national online small business lending unit of CIT Group, today announced the results of its new survey conducted by The Harris Poll revealing that nearly three out of four small businesses in the U.S. plan to expand their product and service offerings this year.

Specialization is How Small Agencies Can Win Business from Big Ones

It’s difficult being a small ad agency going up against the big kids on the block. However, that may be because a lot of smaller agencies overlook this key competitive advantage.

Small Biz Saturday: 23.5% 'Shopped Small' in 2014

Consumers have more positive outlooks leading into the 2015 holiday season. The majority of consumers plan to maintain their level of holiday spending this year, according to the NPD Group. Also, the National Retail Federation forecasts holiday sales will increase 3.7%, and online sales will increase between 6 and 8%.

Small Businesses Fine-Tuning 2013 Digital Marketing Strategies

The Internet has been called the great equalizer. Small local businesses can compete effectively for a national audience in this sector.There’s just one catch – small businesses must hone their online marketing skills to attract customers and make a sale.

Local Media Firms to Court Marketers, Audiences with New Strategies

With the media sales landscape in a state of continued turmoil and disintermediation, local companies are looking for the best and most profitable way to gain an edge on the competition. NetNewsCheck has compiled a list of what’s in store for the year ahead for small media companies as they court marketers and audiences.

Small business marketing increases may be slow to arrive

Business expectations are improving for large well established firms. A glance at the I.P.O. market trends confirms this sentiment. For example, in 2007, 272 companies went public. In 2008, 43 companies entered the IPO market and up until mid-September in 2009, only 22 companies had entered the market. But a report on the New York Times Dealbook blog notes that up to 8 companies are expected to go public in the next week or two with close to 80 more firms hoping to enter the capital markets in the next few months.