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White Paper: Selling to Millennial Decision-Makers

Members of the first digital generation are increasingly showing up in the C‑suite. In fact, today’s B2B buyer is more likely to be a millennial.

In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll discover that although every millennial is different, new research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study finds this generation has tendencies that are significantly different from their predecessors. You’ll discover how the buying process differs, the importance of marketing and social media, which salesperson behaviors can make the sale – and which will kill a sale — with this new generation of decision-makers.

SMBs Shifting More Marketing Resources Online

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) may be among the last group to shift their advertising from traditional media outlets to the online format. But this shift has finally started. Kelsey Group reports that just over 3 out of 4 SMBs are now using some form of online advertising. And, in the last year, nearly 7 out of 10 SMBs also reported that they are decreasing their use of traditional media for advertising.