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Amputation is Another Reason to Quit Smoking

Most smokers know cigarettes can damage their lungs, but all too often, they have no idea that smoking is also bad for their blood vessels.

Clinics, Programs Take New Scare Tactics to Target Smokers

A recent study suggests that current estimates significantly underestimate the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking. The Surgeon General estimates that each year, smoking kills about 480,000 Americans. The study, led by American Cancer Society researchers, suggests that cigarette smoking may kill tens of thousands more from diseases that are not currently counted as caused by smoking.

Smokers Turning to E‑cigarettes

Consumers are getting the message that smoking is not good for their health. But a significant percentage of the population continues to indulge in the habit. As they encounter a more hostile environment toward traditional cigarettes, some smokers are turning to e‑cigarettes according to BlueShiftIdeas research.