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What Marketers Are Doing to Avoid Category Disruption

If your clients are like most businesses these days, they fear category disruption. Who can blame them?

New Social Mobile Platforms Competing for Ad Money

Just when you think you’ve figured out the social media world for your clients, everything changes. Facebook still rules in terms of social ad dollars but marketers are hearing the buzz about new social mobile platforms that are attracting the attention of some valuable demographic groups, especially younger consumers. Garett Sloane recently compiled a list of the new mobile platforms for Adweek and looked into whether marketers should be shifting some of their budgets away from the older players like Facebook.

New Social Sites Aim to Challenge Facebook’s Dominance

Does it matter that teens are losing interest in Facebook? Marketers have been rushing into social media marketing in hopes of reaching younger consumers who are focused on digital media and the main target has been Facebook. But Facebook recently acknowledged that teens are spending less time on the site. In addition, newer start-ups are attracting more attention, especially from the youth market. Enterprises need to stay aware of and respond to the changes in the social media world in order to successfully connect with younger consumers.

Marketers Flocking to Microblogs to Reach Teens

Marketers who are finally conquering how to connect with teens on Facebook now face a new challenge. Teens are spending less time on that site. They have moved on – microblogging sites are where you’ll find the teen demographic these days.