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2020 Social Media Trends Advertisers Need to Act On

Big changes are in the works for how businesses plan to use social media to interact with consumers in the coming year. According to a MediaPost article by Oliver Yonchev, there are a few trends in particular that advertisers need to be aware of.

Why Small Businesses Need Social Media

A few weeks ago, we discussed the shockingly low number of small businesses who are improving their sales through websites in, “How to Convince Small Businesses They Need Websites.” Now, Kelsey McKeon has shown with Visual Objects research that 38% of small businesses don’t even have social media accounts!

Consumers Expanding Their Use of Social Networks

Facebook may have been the first social network to achieve significant reach with U.S. consumers, but this site is not the only game in town. Facebook still rules with marketers and a majority of consumers have a presence on the site based on the latest Pew Internet statistics. However, other networks are rapidly gaining ground and will prove to be fertile ground for marketers seeking to connect with specific types of consumers.

Marketers Reach Out to Second Screeners through Social Media

As Twitter prepares for its IPO, we can all expect to hear a lot more about how important the service is to consumers who watch TV. Facebook has also been busy proving that its service is vital to TV viewers who share their feelings about shows and sporting events they’re watching. In both cases, the services are courting TV marketers.

Marketers Seek Distinct Audiences on Social Networks

After last week’s strong earnings report by Facebook, it’s likely that more marketers will catch the social media wave. The Creative Group’s latest survey shows a significant increase in the number of marketers who plan to spend money on this site. Facebook is just one of several social sites that marketers will be allocating more advertising funds to this year.

Consumers Increasingly Accept Brands on Social Networks

Many advertisers believe that pushing brand names on social networking sites might turn off consumers. Some of the survey results I’ve highlighted over the past few months suggest that consumers don’t want to encounter a direct sales pitch on a social network site. Could all of that be changing as more consumers engage with these sites and as they find more marketers online? The recently released study by Performics suggests an evolving consumer attitude about the purpose of social networking.