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High Trust Selling

doubt, you have seen this quantum shift and its consequences in your industry: your competitors have increased in number and become more aggressive.

There are 100 Billion Customer Types. Go Figure.

There are billions of "Customer Types." Want to sell them all? You can do it in five words: Look, Question, Listen, Harmonize, Practice.

Are You Making the Most of Your Leads?

To be a superior seller, you have to be willing to dig deeper and ask more questions. The willingness to explore topics with prospects could mean the difference between a good-enough and a blow-out year.

Tips to Stop Prospects From Making Bad Decisions

Have you ever been in a situation where an important client is making a bad decision? What should you do next?

Try These Unconventional Techniques to Build Trust

Distrust of sales reps is high, and according to HubSpot research, only 3% of people trust a salesperson.

The Purpose of Your Sales Call

Having a noble selling purpose will earn you a good reputation among your clients and they’ll be more willing to hear/buy from you again. So, ask yourself, “Does my selling purpose go beyond making a profit?”

How Empathy Can Boost Your Position with Prospects

Empathy shines brightest when things go wrong. Your client is feeling frustrated, mad, and a whole slew of other negative emotions, but most of all, she’s worried that you won’t care enough to fix the problem quickly.

7 Times When Less Is More in Selling

In selling, there are times when a minimalist approach is needed. Minimalism is a term used in art to describe the bare essence of a subject. To express something in minimalist form, the artist eliminates all non-essential elements.