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Brand Sponsorship Spending Impacts Local Buying

Are your clients looking for another way to connect with consumers in their local communities? Increasingly, sponsorship of local events is the answer.

Strong Economy Boosts Advertising Opportunities

Despite the political turmoil in Washington, our economy continues to roar along. The National Retail Federal has just announced that March retail sales were up 0.8 percent unadjusted year-over-year.

35% of Esports Fans Will Try a Brand That Sponsors Their Favorite Teams

If your clients are wondering how to target young men with their next campaign, talk with them about the hot new gaming sector: esports. The VAB has just published an in-depth report on esports

Marketers Slow Rate of Sponsorship Spending

Marketers have long relied on sponsorship of events and organizations as a way to get their name in front of consumers. Enterprises believe that consumers who are enjoying themselves at a sports competition or a concert will view the marketers who helped to pay for the event positively. But a new report from the IEG suggests that North American marketers may be cutting back on sponsorship and shifting their spending to newer digital formats.

Marketers to Improve ROI Measurement of Sponsorship, Event Activities

Event and sponsorship marketing is gaining attention as an effective way to increase visibility for advertisers. In the increasingly cluttered media environment, having a banner or logo displayed in front of people who are gathered for an event can make a difference. Marketers may be tempted to engage in more of these kinds of promotions going forward, and a new ANA study suggests that businesses will improve their attempts to measure the benefits they’re receiving from these investments.

Music Sponsorships to Help Marketers During Summer Season

As the summer concert season begins, marketers have an opportunity to connect with consumers in a unique way. In the warm weather, more consumers spend time outside, especially at events that feature their favorite entertainers. These consumers notice when marketers are sponsoring events and entertainers and reward them with their business.

Endurance Events Attracting Sponsorship Dollars

Advertisers continue to look for new ways to put themselves in front of consumers without directly selling to them. Sponsorship of sports and related events has long been a popular way to connect with consumers while they are enjoying themselves. One of the newer trends in this sector is to sponsor endurance events.

Automaker Motorsports Sponsorships to Increase

Auto manufacturers know new vehicle buyers are swayed by a wide range of marketing activities. Earlier this month, the Auto Buyers Forecast released by ad-ology reported that 53% of new vehicle buyers are influenced to take further action as a result of TV ads. Now, another study points to the importance of motorsports sponsorship.

Marketers to Sponsor Popular Events Through End of Summer

Marketers who want to connect with consumers emotionally often use event sponsorship. Summer can be a particularly important time to invest in event marketing as more consumers are outside, enjoying the weather and attending a local concert or baseball game. Some events definitely attract larger crowds so marketers should strategically select which event to sponsor. In addition, marketers can use a number of ways to lengthen their association with a specific event and boost brand awareness. These topics were addressed by a recent Scarborough Research release and webinar.