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Targeting the 13% of Americans Who are Women's Soccer Fans

Soccer’s popularity continues to grow, with 44% of adults worldwide who are either interested or very interested in the sport, according to a report by Nielsen. Of that 44%, 36% are interested in women’s soccer. That’s 16% of the world’s population, or 314 million people (the equivalent of the number of golf fans).


Bars to Promote Their Sports Showings to Fans

"For many, the shift from the summer heat to the crisp autumn air means one thing: sports are coming. Fall is ripe with major sporting events, ranging from football on Sundays to playoff baseball. While some of us enjoy watching these events from the comfort of our own homes, many audiences choose to rally around their fellow fans to cheer from bars, restaurants and an array of other out-of-home (OOH) venues, reports Nielsen."


eSports Advertisers Should Target Females

"Esports fans are often described as simply “male millennials,” and the description often fits: Globally, men far outnumber women both as esports competitors and fans, reports Nielsen. That doesn’t mean women aren’t in the game, however. Females are engaging with esports, and at increasing rates. According to a recent Nielsen Esports Fan Insights survey, 22% of esports fans around the world are female. And in countries where organized esports have been around the longest, we see more gender parity in esports fandom."


Use Women's Sports to Boost TV Commercial Effectiveness

Both women and men are nearly equally interested in watching women’s sports (49% vs. 51%), according to Nielsen


College Football Fans Poised to Pay Plenty to Enjoy the Game

Some fans will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on college football activities this season, from hosting game-day parties to attending the big games. According to a SunTrust survey conducted by Harris Poll, 72% of self-proclaimed college football fans are willing to give up something to save for tickets, lodging, tailgating, team merchandise and other activities.


Sports Programming is Why 27% of Pay-TV Customers Retain Their TV Services

New research from Parks Associates shows that 27% of U.S. pay-TV households agree that sports programming is the primary reason they subscribe to their pay-TV service. Parks Associates will explore trends in the video ecosystem, particularly the disruptive influence of OTT services, at the pre-show research workshop Survivor's Guide to the New Video World, sponsored by Espial, on May 14 in Denverduring The Pay TV Show.

Hunters Facing New Land Challenges

At least 9% of surveyed consumers call themselves hunting or shooting sport enthusiasts according to AudienceSCAN. These enthusiasts are facing increasing restrictions when it comes to the land available to them for their favorite activities. New research from Southwick Associates shows that hunters are turning to a variety of land options, often smaller parcels, in order to enjoy their sport.

Marketers Connecting with Hispanic Sports Fans

With all of the major sports leagues in season right now, marketers have a perfect opportunity to connect with fans of baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey. This is especially true for marketers have also been seeking ways to target Hispanics. According to Nielsen research, Hispanic men are huge sports fans and are particularly receptive to sports-related advertising and sponsorships.

Sports Sponsorships Growing for Major Leagues

Is sports marketing back? Recent research by IEG shows that the improved fiscal health of the financial services and automotive industries means that marketing dollars are again flowing into sports sponsorships. The 4 largest major sports leagues anticipate ending 2010 with a total sponsorship funding of $2.28 billion. According to IEG, this marks a 7.6% increase over last year.

Marketers to Continue Sports Event Advertising

For some marketers, reaching specific demographic groups means sponsoring televised sporting events. The most recent analysis of sports advertisers, done annually by Sports Business Journal, shows that Anheuser-Busch was king in 2009 when it came to televised events. The company spent over $300 million last year on TV sporting events, which accounted for 75% of its total ad spending.

TV and Online Sports Event Marketing to Improve in 2010

After a difficult 2008 and 2009, analysts are seeing improvement in the ad market for sporting events. This improvement is particularly obvious in TV and online media formats. One category that has upped its buying rate for event advertising is automotive, according to a report in Sports Business Journal.

Athletes and Marketers Signing More Local, Short-Term Deals

The top talent on nationally recognized sports teams are accustomed to signing multi-year, multi-million dollar deals. However, the recession has contributed to a slowdown in deals. And other factors are changing the endorsement industry. For example, there’s the awkward problem of what to do with athletes who fall short of expectations – professionally or personally.