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Do You Possess the Management Trait Employees Value Most?

Many management studies these days have us believing that employees will beeline for the exit if the boss forgets to ask how their child or puppy is doing. News flash. The latest research from Stanford Graduate School of Business shows employees have another priority.

Are Your Big New Ideas Killing Productivity?

Are you certain that the latest management trend is just what your company needs to help you leap ahead of the competition? If this sounds familiar, you could be at risk of burning out your staff members.

Conquer Presentation Fear with This One Easy Hack

Whether it’s giving a presentation in front of 4 people or a crowd of 400, some people just can’t hack it. Not everyone is a natural presenter but as a salesperson you have to master this task. Here’s how.

The Best Leaders Strengthen Teams Through Trust

Good leadership is about being smart enough to build and rely on an outstanding team. Theresa Johnston, in an article for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, points out that leaders won’t succeed unless they also build trust with their teams.