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Reps: Make Your Prospect the Hero in Your Sales Story

If you are a fan of The Moth or This American Life, you know the power of storytelling. We humans seem hardwired to root for the underdogs and cheer them on as they achieve victory over their antagonists.

Are Your Clients Telling the Right Story in Their Ads?

The results of several surveys over recent years indicate that younger consumers are very interested in brand authenticity. This interest seems to go hand in hand with their desire to hear a brand’s story.

Do Your Sales Stories Reveal Strength of Character?

Have you received a review from a known industry professional or authority figure? Make sure to include it in your sales story; you’ll enjoy the transfer of power and influence.

Earn Prospect Trust with Good Storytelling

Typically, reps make their product or service the hero of a story, saving the day for the prospect and his or her business. But, what if you switched it up? Emily Bauer suggests casting the prospect as your story’s hero.

How to Win Prospects Over With A Story

Telling a story can be a unique and effective way to engage a prospect–have you tried this strategy? If not, the idea of becoming a storyteller may be a bit intimidating.