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10% of Shoppers Now Buy Some Groceries Online

"Adoption of online grocery shopping is moving at a slower pace than other consumer categories, but it’s growing with about 10% of U.S. consumers now regularly buying groceries, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company. Although there are more consumers buying their groceries online, they haven’t jumped all in. Nearly all online grocery shoppers (99%) still shop in brick-and-mortar grocery stores."

Supermarkets to Continue Evolving, Incorporate More Social Opportunities

During the new year, the role of the supermarket will change from a place to just pick up groceries to a destination for connecting with neighbors and friends, as well as a place to connect with brands on a social level. SupermarketGuru's Phil Lempert predicts some of the hot new trends to affect the supermarket & food industry in 2014.

Grocers Rev Up the Fun Factor to Lure Millennials

With Millennials now settling down and having children, they may be opting to buy and cook their own food rather than eat out. Full-service supermarkets have an opportunity to capture some of this spending. The Retail Feedback Group has studied consumer opinions on grocery stores and points out that these retailers must find the right balance between fun and the overall shopping experience to interest Millennials and keep them as long-term customers.

Supermarkets Must Innovate to Combat Increasing Competition

The retail market for foods and beverages is undergoing some significant changes, as traditional supermarkets face increasing competition from supersized "one-stop shopping" venues, as well as other retail channels, including drugstores, dollar stores, limited assortment chains, and online grocery shopping. Food retailers can retain traffic by being innovative and making the task of grocery shopping easier and less burdensome for their customers.

Supermarkets Shifting Ad Strategies to Meet Sales Goals

The printed weekly circular has long ruled as the tool of choice for supermarkets to lure shoppers through the doors. But as shoppers spend less time perusing the traditional newspaper, supermarkets are changing their ad strategies. Not surprisingly, these stores are placing greater emphasis on online tactics.

Grocers to Market to Top Shoppers

Supermarket owners may suspect that there’s good reason to court their most loyal shoppers. Now a study by Concept Shopping confirms it: The top 10% of shoppers account for 40% of a store’s sales.