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3 Ways to Motivate Clients to Complete Surveys

Providing feedback takes time and motivation, both of which can be difficult for your clients to come by. So, how can you encourage them to give you the answers you need?

Do Your Employee Surveys Support Company Strategy?

The stated purpose of most surveys, whether it’s a question a day or several questions posed every month, is to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement. As CEB Global, a Gartner Company, points out, it’s easy to lose sight of that important fact when designing surveys.

Are You Using the Right Feedback Tools?

If you're soliciting customer feedback only through online surveys, you're not getting the whole picture. Read Nancy Porte's advice on how to improve the feedback process and make sure you're offering top notch service.

Surveys as Marketing Tool to Fall out of Favor

The lines between customer service and marketing are often blurry. This is especially true when it comes to customer surveys. Marketers may say these surveys are all about customer service but they often take the chance to push loyalty while asking for opinions. Now, consumers are saying – enough already.