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Used Car Dealers to Promote SUV Selection this Year

Shoppers browsing the used car market right now might be pleasantly surprised by what they find, according to the latest Used Vehicle Report released by the car shopping experts at Edmunds. According to Edmunds analysts, a deluge of lightly used, lower-mileage vehicles are coming off lease and filling used car lots. Edmunds experts also note that these used vehicles reflect the body styles that shoppers want, namely trucks and SUVs, and carry far more standard features than they did five years ago.

Low Gas Prices Boost SUV, Truck Sales

December’s strong automotive sales numbers reflect the fact that gas prices dipped in the 4th quarter, as the month was driven by an appetite for crossovers, SUVs and pickups. The influence of gasoline pricing on auto sales might even outweigh the fuel-efficiency technology SUVs/crossovers and cars have now. But could these perceived savings in gas