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Reaching the 65% of Kids Who Use Tablets, and Their Parents

How are parents and other family members going to know what to get their kids as presents? The children will tell them after they see your clients’ ads.

Tablet Users More Likely to Buy Online Than Smartphone Users

Consumers use tablets similar to the way they use a PC—to compare products and buy, a new study says. They use smartphones for quick actions like checking a price or finding a store. According to the new study from Adobe Systems, online shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase on a tablet compared with a smartphone.

New Video! Advertising Smarter to iPad and Tablet Users

Episode 45 of Advertising Smarter focuses on iPad and tablet users — consumers who are heavy users of these mobile devices — and looks at how you can tap into their media interests and habits, buying preferences, as well as their attitudes about advertising. Watch this video briefing here, see it in HD on YouTube,

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