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Reaching the 65% of Kids Who Use Tablets, and Their Parents

How are parents and other family members going to know what to get their kids as presents? The children will tell them after they see your clients’ ads.

Prices for Large-Screen Tablets Falling Below $200

Last year, tablets were one of the must-have items for consumers who enjoy engaging with tech-related products. NPD reports that tablet sales grew during the 2014 back-to-school season. However, retailers looking to continue big sales for tablets will need to target a smaller audience during this year’s holiday season.

More Parents Buying Tablets for Children

Ownership of tablets in households with 2 ‑12 year olds has increased from 50 percent to 59 percent in the past 12 months, according to the Evolution of Play 2014 report from The NPD Group. Among kids ages 2 to 12, usage of tablets has also increased, from 38 percent in 2013 to 48 percent in 2014. Almost half of parents say that their child is playing on a tablet more than they were a year ago, a rate not matched by any other device. While tablet ownership and play are increasing, two-thirds of parents don’t see it taking away from traditional toys.

Tablet Shopping Surges as Ownership Grows, Creates Opportunity

For the first time ever, tablet payments comprised almost half of all mobile commerce in 2013, marking an important mobile payment "first," according to a new study by Javelin Strategy & Research. In 2013, tablets accounted for a massive $28.7 billion in mobile online commerce. Consumers are increasingly turning to tablets and phones for purchasing despite the fact that many sites are not ideally set up yet for mobile devices.

Mobile Consumers Prefer Sites Optimized for Tablets

Almost eight-in-10 (77%) of consumers report that having a poor or unsatisfying experience while trying to use a website on their tablet will affect their willingness to purchase from that brand. For approximately 70% of consumers, the quality of photography and design of a tablet site influences their decision on whether to purchase. 61% of consumers want the same content they find on the desktop site but optimized for the size and capabilities of the tablet.

Travel Apps Generate Top Tablet CTRs, Productivity Tools Rule for Smartphones

As marketers continue to tweak their mobile strategy, they’re anxious to know which strategies are working well. The mobile market is fragmented between tablets and smartphones so it’s important to understand how consumers are engaging with each type of device. Millennial Media consistently releases quarterly data showing top mobile devices, operating systems and consumer use of specific types of portals or apps. Their statistics can serve as a guideline for marketers who want to know which promotions are generating CTRs.

Smartphone, Tablet Ownership Rate Increasing Dramatically

Smartphones and tablets continue to enamor themselves with mobile phone users, as ownership continues to grow. New research finds that the number of U.S. mobile phone users who owned or used a smartphone this year reached 74%, up from 58% in 2012. The tablet ownership rate among this group saw an even more dramatic increase, reaching above half of mobile phone users in 2013, up from 33% in 2012.

Digital Sponsorships Show Strength in Tablet Format

Marketers often complain that one of the challenges of digital advertising is measuring their return on investment. It turns out that accurately measuring how much is being spent on various digital formats is also a challenge. This difficulty is linked to agreeing on the definitions of which types of ads belong in which formats. Given all that, eMarketer has just announced that spending on digital sponsorships is growing.

Tablet Ad Campaigns Yield Big Results Beauty and Food Marketers

Magazines have long had a hold on consumers who aspire to something more – whether it’s better fashion, appearance or food. Full page pictures help consumers appreciate what a new product can do for their lives. Now tablets are giving marketers in some industries a new way to connect with consumers and their investment in this media format is paying off according to a new eMarketer report, Beauty and the Tablet.

Marketers Refine Mobile Presence to Improve Conversion Rates

Marketers that have been slow to optimize their presence in the mobile world should make this format a top priority. The percentage of web traffic attributable to traditional computing continues to fall. As mobile traffic increases, marketers also have to pay attention to which devices and platforms are generating the most sales for them and make sure their offers look attractive in these environment.

Tablets as Effective as Smartphones in Mobile Campaigns

Ad industry experts continue to debate the best way to connect with tablet users. Last month, a Mojiva study pointed out that consumers are shifting some of their PC-based activity to tablets. Another research firm, InsightExpress, has released some new metrics that show the superiority of tablet over smartphone campaigns in certain situations.

Tablet Ad Campaigns are Connecting with More Consumers

As the era of smart mobile devices has evolved, marketers and publishers tended to talk about smartphones and tablets as being in the same ad category. However, earlier this year, Google announced its Enhanced Campaigns would treat tablets and desktop PCs as one category because of the similarity of ad campaign outcomes. New research shows that consumers are using tablets to replace tasks previously done on desktop computers, a trend that has implications for marketers.

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