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Tackling the Impossible Sales Challenge

How do you get a targeted account if all your previous attempts have failed? If you want to catch a big fish, perhaps the sports fishermen of New Zealand can give you some ideas.

Do You Have the Same Prospecting Challenges As Other Sellers?

If you had to list your top prospecting challenges, what would they be? Do you think other salespeople grapple with the same issues?


Improve Your Cold Calls Using 5 Simple Methods

Timing, history, clarity, options, and calmness: the five things you need to master to improve your cold call game.

How to Use LinkedIn to Load Your Pipeline

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of leads for sales reps; they just have to know how to use it efficiently. With over a billion users, the social network can be used for so much more than just casual networking.

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How to Stop the Slow Death of Trade Show Leads

Trade show leads can take a long time to nurture. To make the post of the opportunity, note who the warm leads are and make them your focus. And most importantly, pledge ample time post-show to follow up.


Writing is Not a Mystery. It’s Your Best Chance to Achieve Mastery

My secret to writing is not complex: I write like I talk.


Top Tips for Scoring Testimonials

If you aren’t using reviews or testimonials to their full potential, it’s time to start! Ian Brodie shares five detailed steps to getting usable, quality quotes from clients and other professionals.

Marketers Move to Allow Consumers More Control Over Online Ad Preferences

Consumers have grown accustomed to obtaining a certain amount of free content and entertainment in exchange for watching marketing pitches. In the old days, think pre-digital, this exchange was largely anonymous. But with more consumers seeking free entertainment online, marketers are want personal information in order to make their pitches more effective. Many people want to know how far consumers are willing to go in giving up their data.

Online Ad Targeting, Excessive Promotion Turning Consumers Off

As part of the drive to use ad dollars efficiently, marketers are set on tracking consumers online and targeting them with promotional material. Consumers have strong feelings on these topics. Their negative reaction to targeting has as much to do with the ads they don’t see as it has to do with privacy.

Marketers to Focus on Targeting and Friend of Fan Targeting in Facebook Ads

Marketers are rushing to put their display ads on Facebook this year. Research shops like eMarketer expect marketers to pour $6 billion into social media marketing in 2011. But marketers also face a conundrum. Are the social media ads working? Falling click-through rates (CTR) and rising costs suggest that social media may not be the best way for marketers to reach consumers. Part of the problem may be in how various companies are creating their campaigns. New studies show that targeting audiences generates much better results.