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Radio – The Preferred Media Format for More Hi-Tech Firms

Radio station operators and networks are scrambling to adjust to the new media environment. Traditional radio advertisers like auto dealers and local banks know that consumers are spending more time online and they’re shifting their ad funds in that direction. Radio industry professionals are developing online initiatives to ensure future revenue streams, but some operators are looking at new types of clients to broadcast their marketing messages over the airwaves.

IT Companies to Market More Services to Enterprises

During the past two decades, the expansion of the information technology (IT) products and services generally moved in one direction – from the workplace to the consumer market. As consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with technology, more products are being rolled out to this market first. As consumers introduce their employers to the latest IT trends, marketers to expand their ad campaigns to include the enterprise market earlier in the product life cycle.

CE Retailers Gear Up for BTS and Holiday Season

Consumer electronics (CE) is a big category for the Back-to-School (BTS) season which will be underway in a few short weeks. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is forecasting a smaller rise in CE spending this year. And a new report indicates that bricks and mortar stores will not have the entire CE spending pie to themselves.

Marketers to Target Tech Fast Forward Consumers

Technology firms that are developing new hardware and software applications would do well to market to the key group of consumers labeled Tech Fast Forwards by Ogilvy & Mather analysts. These consumers purchase technology at a higher rate than average. In addition, they influence a wide circle of friends and family members, especially their children, which comprise the next generation of technology purchasers.

Consumer Smartphone Use to Drive Additional Online Marketing

As smartphone functionality continues to rapidly expand, consumers are making the devices a key part of their daily lives. A new survey shows that more consumers say “their smartphone is their life.” The popularity of many smartphone features is good news for some marketers, not so good news for others. And consumers also indicate they have a few concerns about this technology.

Vendors to Target SMBs with Cloud Computing Solutions

Large technology-related businesses are well-versed in cloud computing. But, as I pointed out in a post last month, most consumers are unfamiliar with the concept. It turns out that many small and medium size businesses (SMBs), which represent a big market for cloud computing vendors, need some education as well.

IT Vendors to Promote Video Conferencing Services/Products

After severely curtailing the corporate travel budget, many businesses are in no rush to fund requests for trips to visit clients or attend conferences. Instead, businesses and government agencies are turning to the latest technology to satisfy meeting needs. This new interest in video conferencing is expected to increase this year and IT vendors will be marketing a variety of solutions.

High-Tech Marketers to Fuel Spending on Paid Search

In most years, paid search spending drops in the first quarter after marketers wrap up their all-important fourth quarter. And this has been especially true in the high-tech and consumer electronics categories. But newly released data from Covario, based on spending patterns of its clients, paints a different picture for 2011.

Marketers to Promote Cloud Computing to Consumers

Now that consumers are using the digital format for everything from music to photos to magazine content, they will be looking to access the data anywhere, from any kind of device. Currently, not all devices and data formats are compatible. B2B operators have more experience with this dilemma and many of them have begun shifting their content to the cloud. But most consumers are unaware of the benefits of this option which means marketers have some legwork to do.

Marketers to Launch Larger SmartPhones

The traditional personal computer continues to shrink – to about the size of a smartphone. While super-small mobile phones were trendy a couple of years ago, new research shows that consumers want specific functionality on their phones. This functionality requires real estate and smartphone manufacturers are likely planning to release new hardware to keep consumers happy.

Marketers to Develop Simpler Ads for Smartphone Users

Consumers are growing accustomed to seeing ads on their mobile phones. And many find these pitches helpful as they consider where to eat dinner or decide which brand of laundry soap will best meet their needs. However, consumers have definite preferences about the type of ads they prefer to see on their smartphones. Marketers should consider these preferences as they develop their ad campaigns.

Tech Marketers to Shift Focus to Digital

Technology-related businesses are recovering from the economic slowdown that hammered sales during the recession. IDC analysts say that many companies will be marketing high-tech products and services to consumers and businesses this year. However, tech marketers as showing signs of lower advertising spending and in most cases, are shifting significant resources to digital outlets.

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