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Seven Things Good Sales Leaders Do

Peo­ple love to fol­low lead­ers who know where they are going and who care about their fol­low­ers. Even those who con­sid­er them­selves to be lead­ers are usu­al­ly will­ing to fol­low oth­ers who seem focused and col­lab­o­ra­tive.

Manage Smarter 15 — Jeffrey Hayzlett: Secrets of the C‑Suite

Jef­frey Hay­zlett is a prime­time tele­vi­sion host of C‑Suite with Jef­frey Hay­zlett and Exec­u­tive Per­spec­tives on C‑Suite TV, and busi­ness pod­cast host of All Busi­ness with Jef­frey Hay­zlett on C‑Suite Radio. Hay­zlett is the author of three best-sell­ing busi­ness books: Think Big, Act Big­ger: The Rewards of Being Relent­less, Run­ning the Gaunt­let and The Mir­ror Test. In episode 15, we dis­cuss how the C‑Suite thinks, how to talk to them and how to become one of them.

Make Your Own Rules to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Dar­ius Foroux fol­lows the rules. Maybe you should too. In the ongo­ing quest for work-life bal­ance, lay­ing down some ground rules might just be the tac­tic that sticks for you. It's like our time in school – a few rules set up much-need­ed struc­ture for suc­cess when fol­lowed. As an entre­pre­neur, Foroux calls them his work rules in his pro­duc­tiv­i­ty blog. They are pow­er­ful and effec­tive in their sim­plic­i­ty.