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CMO Study: 12% of Marketing Budgets Spent on Media

If you’ve noticed that your clients sud­den­ly seem obsessed about deliv­er­ing excel­lent ser­vice, you’re see­ing evi­dence of a new trend. This year’s ad cam­paigns will reflect more promis­es about excel­lent ser­vice.

Print Circulars to Remain Core Marketing Format

Smart­phone screens may be cap­tur­ing the atten­tion of more con­sumers, but print­ed cir­cu­lars still bring shop­pers through the doors of tra­di­tion­al stores. Nielsen researchers con­clude that up to 80% of U.S. house­holds rely on this old-school mar­ket­ing tool to plan their shop­ping trips.

BIA/Kelsey: Plus-Spender SMBs Like Traditional, Mobile Media

Some of your small and medi­um-sized busi­ness clients fall into the Plus Spender cat­e­go­ry iden­ti­fied by BIA/Kelsey. These SMBs believe in the pow­er of adver­tis­ing and will shell out plen­ty of dough to attract con­sumer atten­tion.

Marketers Say Traditional Media More Effective than Online

It’s sur­pris­ing when an enter­prise that plays a big role in online mar­ket­ing releas­es a report show­ing the strengths of tra­di­tion­al media. That’s what hap­pened last week when Adobe pub­lished its State of Online Adver­tis­ing Report. Sur­veyed con­sumers and mar­keters both say that tra­di­tion­al news­pa­pers and TV are best for adver­tis­ing. An in-depth look at the report sug­gests there’s a lit­tle more to the sto­ry.

Marketers Combining Traditional Formats with Social Media

Social media has long been a way to dri­ve online inter­ac­tion. First, it was about con­nect­ing peo­ple. Now, mar­keters are using the for­mat to build rela­tion­ships with con­sumers while dri­ving sales. Mar­keters are also real­iz­ing that there’s a con­nec­tion between tra­di­tion­al ad for­mats and social media.

Traditional Media Still Tops for Many Agencies

The future is not all dig­i­tal, all the time. That’s the word from STRATA, a research con­cern that just pub­lished a new sur­vey on ad agen­cies and their atten­tion to media mix. Over­all, STRATA ana­lysts con­tin­ue to say that 2012 will be a good year for adver­tis­ing and while there’s a trend to pur­chase more dig­i­tal, tra­di­tion­al is still an in-demand plat­form for mar­keters.

Traditional Media Still Influencing Consumer Purchase Decisions

We’ve all heard the reports about the death of tra­di­tion­al media. So what does it mean when a for­mat like TV influ­ences over half of con­sumers to make a pur­chase? New research shows that mar­keters have to be care­ful not to move all of their ad bud­gets into dig­i­tal chan­nels just yet.

Business Owners to Increase Traditional Media Spend

Tra­di­tion­al media is not dead. Spend­ing increas­es were record­ed in some tra­di­tion­al media chan­nels at the end of 2011. This trend means that agen­cies may have to tem­per their enthu­si­asm for new media and include tra­di­tion­al media in their bud­get allo­ca­tion rec­om­men­da­tions to clients.

TV Ad Spending to Grow Through 2015

Will spend­ing on tra­di­tion­al media for­mats ever return to the highs seen in the pre-reces­sion years? The quick answer to this ques­tion is – prob­a­bly not. But not all media for­mats are cre­at­ed equal. Some tra­di­tion­al out­lets, like TV, will fare bet­ter than oth­ers. And there are unique events that will spur mar­keter spend­ing on tra­di­tion­al for­mats in the com­ing years.

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