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Print Circulars to Remain Core Marketing Format

Smartphone screens may be capturing the attention of more consumers, but printed circulars still bring shoppers through the doors of traditional stores. Nielsen researchers conclude that up to 80% of U.S. households rely on this old-school marketing tool to plan their shopping trips.

BIA/Kelsey: Plus-Spender SMBs Like Traditional, Mobile Media

Some of your small and medium-sized business clients fall into the Plus Spender category identified by BIA/Kelsey. These SMBs believe in the power of advertising and will shell out plenty of dough to attract consumer attention.

Marketers Say Traditional Media More Effective than Online

It’s surprising when an enterprise that plays a big role in online marketing releases a report showing the strengths of traditional media. That’s what happened last week when Adobe published its State of Online Advertising Report. Surveyed consumers and marketers both say that traditional newspapers and TV are best for advertising. An in-depth look at the report suggests there’s a little more to the story.

Marketers Combining Traditional Formats with Social Media

Social media has long been a way to drive online interaction. First, it was about connecting people. Now, marketers are using the format to build relationships with consumers while driving sales. Marketers are also realizing that there’s a connection between traditional ad formats and social media.

Traditional Media Still Tops for Many Agencies

The future is not all digital, all the time. That’s the word from STRATA, a research concern that just published a new survey on ad agencies and their attention to media mix. Overall, STRATA analysts continue to say that 2012 will be a good year for advertising and while there’s a trend to purchase more digital, traditional is still an in-demand platform for marketers.

Traditional Media Still Influencing Consumer Purchase Decisions

We’ve all heard the reports about the death of traditional media. So what does it mean when a format like TV influences over half of consumers to make a purchase? New research shows that marketers have to be careful not to move all of their ad budgets into digital channels just yet.

Business Owners to Increase Traditional Media Spend

Traditional media is not dead. Spending increases were recorded in some traditional media channels at the end of 2011. This trend means that agencies may have to temper their enthusiasm for new media and include traditional media in their budget allocation recommendations to clients.

TV Ad Spending to Grow Through 2015

Will spending on traditional media formats ever return to the highs seen in the pre-recession years? The quick answer to this question is – probably not. But not all media formats are created equal. Some traditional outlets, like TV, will fare better than others. And there are unique events that will spur marketer spending on traditional formats in the coming years.

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