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Travel Agencies Can Prevent Lodging Disasters

"According to Consumer Reports, fully 59% of travelers in a recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted for AIG Travel said they’d been on a trip that didn’t go as planned."

Agents to Promote Higher-end Services to Corporate Travel Departments

Travel agents are looking ahead to their next challenge. Businesses are authorizing their employees to hit the road again but spending on higher-end services and accommodations has been slow to come back. A new study shows that agents may have more success selling upscale services if they market to the corporate travel department instead of the individual travelers.

Travel Agents to Promote Third-Party Services Through New Channels

Consumers may be planning to increase leisure and business travel this year, but that doesn’t mean the travel agent industry will benefit from the increased spending. The traditional business model for travel agents has been disrupted as more consumers use online resources to plan and book their vacations and business trips. The new operating environment means travel agents must find and market new services and many are turning to ancillary services to fill the revenue gap.