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Marketers Must Align Messages With New Cultural Trends

There are a few trends that are currently influencing consumer behavior, according to a study by UM. Brands ability to keep up with these trends will be the make or break of their advertising efforts going forward.

Nonprofit Organizations to Focus on Homeless, Hungry College Students

More than a third of college students don't always have enough to eat and they lack stable housing, according to a survey published recently by researchers at Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab.

How to Ramp Up Your Storytelling Talent for 2017

To make the sale, your competitors are reaching deep into their bag of tricks. You can stay at the top of the game by brushing up on your storytelling skills and other sales strategies that will be in vogue this year.

More Marketers to Turn to Online Search Data for Trend Projections

Marketers have long sought to gain an edge on the competition by spotting trends early. Some researchers have been have been using mainstream media to uncover trends while others have tracking keywords used in search and social media. Academic researchers are now developing methodologies to glean big data from search queries to quantitatively spot new trends and develop projections.

Real-time Buying, Attribution Modeling to Give Marketers an Edge

As 2012 approaches, marketers want to know which technologies and platforms will get them closest to existing and potential new customers. The analysts at Razorfish, an interactive marketing and technology company dedicated to helping clients get the most from their ad campaigns, have summarized what they believe will be leading trends in digital media. For many marketers the key challenge in the next year will be tracking changes and determining which new technologies will help them succeed.

The Market Potential for On-Trend New Beverages Remains Significant

The sweet spot in the U.S. beverage market, long dominated by a handful of major brand lines, has shifted to niche products that target a diverse set of consumer needs, occasions, and benefits, according to the new "Beverage Trends: Culinary Trend Mapping Report" from Packaged Facts. Two drivers are spurring sales in the beverage market: Better-for-you, the number-one driver in the new beverage landscape, including functional, nutritional boost, and holistic wellness beverages, followed by Quality quest, including organic, local, artisan-made, and retro/nostalgic beverages. The market potential for on-trend new beverages remains significant, with diverse segments ranging from Gen Y teens to savvy Gen X parents and sporty Boomers looking for what's next in healthful and premium new drinks.