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Do Your Employees Trust You?

The most recent Edelman ‘trust’ barometer shows most employees choose to believe what they hear in the break room from their peers instead of formal announcements made by management. If gossip machine controls the information flow in your company, here's what you need to do.

The Best Leaders Strengthen Teams Through Trust

Good leadership is about being smart enough to build and rely on an outstanding team. Theresa Johnston, in an article for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, points out that leaders won’t succeed unless they also build trust with their teams.

Traditional Media Still Ranks High in Trust with Consumers

Twitter is a fabulous tool for disseminating information during an emergency. Because it’s easy to get the information out quickly, the sources sometimes get their facts wrong. These kinds of gaffs are why consumers cast a wary eye at social media with respect to trust. Edelman Trust Barometer for 2014 shows that consumers still find traditional media most trustworthy.

Build Trust The Mathematical Way

Are you familiar with the Trust Equation? I wasn't until coming across an article by Charles H. Green, author of Trust-Based Selling.

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