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Which Media Format Captures the Biggest Share of SMB Ad Budgets?

On average, local small- and medium-sized businesses spend thousands more on broadcast and cable TV advertisements than on online ads every year.

How to Combat to Spread of Digital Advertisers' Worst Enemy: Ad Blockers

Approximately 30% of U.S. adults who use the internet plan to install ad blockers this year, according to eMarketer. Here's why they plan to do so and how you can do your part to stop it.

Are Your Misconceptions of Radio Hindering Your Ad Campaigns?

Why aren’t advertisers giving radio the credit it deserves, especially when considering reaching out to younger generations? Here's why radio is a good addition to any ad campaign.

Introducing Affluencers and Why You Need to Advertise to Them

Affluencers spend 40% more than affluents and, out of every consumer group, their future purchase intent is the greatest. Here's who they are and how to advertise to them.

Here Are the Internet Devices to Pair with TV Campaigns

Desktop is no longer a medium that is growing in effectiveness for integrated advertising campaigns, but here's what your clients can use instead.

Research Increases Account Spending to $75,000 at KFVS-TV

KFVS-TV/WQWQ-TV Success Manager Rebecca Lambert was on a mission to help her sales team upsell a current energy client. “This business faces many challenges as they carry unique products with a high upfront cost to the consumer but lead to money savings down the road,” Lambert explained.

Gender Differences in TV Viewing Helps Marketers Improve Targeting

Recently, Barnes & Noble released a report showing that college students believe TV to be the most effective ad format. When that narrow age range is expanded to include all Millennials, those between the ages of 18 and 34, TV ads still matter. But, it’s important for marketers to understand the types of TV shows that appeal to each gender.

TV Everywhere to Boost Ad Market

As new media players such as Netflix and Hulu compete for TV viewers who are willing to view content through a variety of platforms, cable TV companies are fighting back. The TV Everywhere initiative was started last year by Time Warner with the goal of rolling out content to viewers who want to watch quality programming through their TVs, online or through mobile devices. Analysts like the idea and predict this initiative will bring more revenue, especially ad money, to the TV industry.

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