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Who to Target with TV Ads during News Programming

Fake news is something most Americans are cautious of, especially nowadays. With so many news sources to choose from, which ones do consumers continue to turn to for what they feel are the most trustworthy news updates?

Local TV Stations to Promote Movies being Broadcast

"When it comes to entertaining themselves, most Americans choose to watch movies and TV, over listening to music, playing video games, and other forms of entertainment. In fact, 27% of all entertainment hours in 2018 were spent watching TV and movies, followed by 19% listening to music, and 16% playing video games, according to The NPD Group. The remaining 38% of entertainment time was taken up by reading books, social networking and other activities."

More Consumers are Multi-Tasking While Watching TV

If you give consumers more toys, they are going to want to play with them. This is especially true of tech toys designed to deliver entertainment and information. Ongoing research from Multimedia Research Group (MRG) shows that the attention of the TV audience continues to be diluted by more multitasking, often on mobile devices, and suggests that marketers must engage in multi-screen campaigns to make the biggest impact.

Changing TV Viewing Habits Prompt New Media Purchase Guidelines

TV may still rule as a top form of entertainment and command big advertising money, but consumers are taking more control of their viewing schedule. In one of the biggest studies of its kind, the Ericcson ConsumerLab TV and Media report shows how consumers are changing their viewing patterns. These findings have implications for marketers who are accustomed to reaching a mass audience through this medium.