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Cyberbullying Linked to Depression in Teens

The median percentage of children and adolescents who reported being bullied online was 23% and there appears to be a consistent relationship between cyberbullying and reports of depression in a review of social media studies, according to an article published online by JAMA Pediatrics.

Tween Girls Increasing Their Beauty Usage

According to new research from The NPD Group, tween (8–12) girls are reporting increases in their usage of a few beauty products. Tweens reported increases in regular usage of mascara (+8), eye liner (+6), and lipstick (+5), relative to 2007 levels. In fact, regular usage of mascara almost doubled in the past two years among tween girls (from 10% to 18%) as did eye liner (from 9% to 15%). Overall, tweens reported to use on average 4.5 different beauty products regularly, consistent with levels reported in 2007 (4.3). Significantly more influential than TV and even their friends, these girls say that they "look to their parents and siblings to see what they are using to help decide what to buy and use".

Tween Brand Loyalty Keyed By Parental Approval

According to new research by marketing agency Smarty Pants, children ages 6–12 gravitate towards iconic, familiar, inclusive, and parent- approved brands. Cross-generational appeal is important as kids want their parents' approval and parents want their kids to be happy. Affordability is also a top 10 driver of kid affinity since it "increases the likelihood you can buy it with your own money or your mom will buy it for you."