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Tips to Help Clients Top the Instagram Charts

Are your clients struggling with their social media presence? You can help them improve by studying the data RivalIQ published in its 2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report.

42% of Adults Want Their Doctor/Patient Relationship to Extend to Social Media

A new survey from the American Osteopathic Association finds more than half of millennials (54%) and more than four out of 10 (42%) adults are or would like to be friends with or follow their healthcare providers on social media. The online survey was conducted by The Harris Poll in April 2018 on behalf of the AOA.

Manage Smarter 10 — Jordan Blakesley: How One Tweet Can Destroy Your Career or Business

Jordan Blakesley is a Principal Partner at B Public Relations, a Denver-based public relations firm. She has more than a decade of experience, specializing in PR in the travel/tourism, restaurant/food/wine and luxury real estate industries. In episode 10, we discuss a social media/public relations case study involving two slain Ohio police officers and a restaurant owner who tweeted carelessly about their killings and the resulting lessons for managers, leadership and business owners.

Do Your Clients Need Help with Social Commerce?

Social media is now an even more well-rounded asset to businesses with the introduction of social commerce: using social networks to complete e‑commerce sales.

Top Tips for Listening to Your Employees

If you're only half-listening to your team members, you could be missing something important. Melissa Daimler, at Twitter, has a few strategies to help you tweak your listening skills.

Marketers Watching Twitter’s Lower Ad Rates, Aging User Base

Twitter remains a popular social site for marketers as it currently has 241 million active users monthly. However, in its annual report, the firm acknowledges that ad rates have dropped for 7 quarters now. At the same time, the company’s user growth rate has been stalling and new research from eMarketer suggests that the user base is aging. These changes have implications for the firm and its marketers.

Marketers Tailor Twitter Pitches to Conversation Types

If you’re working with clients on their social media strategy, it’s likely that you’ve discussed Twitter. The microblogging site limits messages to 140 characters and is extremely popular with specific consumer groups. More marketers are checking out Twitter and using the site’s tools. One way to improve targeting with Twitter may be to understand the types of conversations consumers are having on the site. Pew Research recently outlined 6 dominant types of Twitter conversations.

Brands Focus on TV Viewers Who Tweet

Brands that have been consistently advertising on TV are finding new connections with their social audience, especially the consumers who tweet about what they’re watching. Nielsen has come up with an estimate of the number of consumers who tweet while they tune into their favorite programs. This audience is too big to ignore, especially since this activity is taking place during live programming and gives marketers an opportunity to increase reach.

Marketers Aim to Connect with Heavy Twitter Users

You can expect to hear a lot about Twitter this year as the folks behind the venture capital-funded microblogging site prepare for an expected IPO sometime in the next 12 months. The company is busy rolling out new products and hopes to its expand its core audience. Studies are showing that teens are a growing audience for Twitter but other research indicates that a small group of users generate a significant portion of the site’s traffic. It’s these users that marketers should connect with.

Media Companies to Challenge Google’s Dominance in Online Marketing

Can any technology existing today seriously challenge Google’s position as the champion of online advertising? Industry experts and startups are always looking for the next new thing. Some tech gurus believe that Twitter is preparing a new twist on promoted tweets which could chip away at Google’s lead in search marketing revenue.

Marketers Flocking to Microblogs to Reach Teens

Marketers who are finally conquering how to connect with teens on Facebook now face a new challenge. Teens are spending less time on that site. They have moved on – microblogging sites are where you’ll find the teen demographic these days.

Marketers to Target Male Twitter Users with Video Ads

Advertising on Twitter is a relatively new practice so marketers naturally want access to metrics. Are their ads working on Twitter? What do consumers think about these ads? A new survey from Ask Your Target Market offers a few insights into the world of promoting on Twitter.

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