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Use of Ride Share Services Grew 30% in Past Year

As auto shows around the country showcase the latest innovations in the market, it seems consumers are increasingly setting aside their car keys in favor of ride-sharing apps. New research from Mintel reveals that the percentage of those who have used a ride sharing service has grown 30 percent in the last year. Indeed, 30 percent of Americans used a ride sharing service in 2017 compared to 23 percent who used these services in 2016.

Dealers: Car Sharers Still Buy Cars, and Other Auto Trends

Looking at the latest search data and recent Google Consumer Survey results, here are the three most pronounced shifts in the automotive industry. Here's what these three auto trends mean for brands.

New Uber Service for Event Organizers, Hosts

Uber is testing pre-paid service for events in New York City. Uber is launching yet another new product, but this one targets a specific group of people: event organizers, especially those tired of fielding calls from guests who can't make it due to car troubles.