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Do Your Clients’ Social Media Posts Have Authenticity?

Are your clients’ social media post­ings in sync with what their com­peti­tors are doing? Should they try to post when oth­er busi­ness­es do?

User-Generated Content Can Build Social Media Clout for Brands

Ear­li­er today, I blogged about a study show­ing that social media is of min­i­mal impor­tance in the B2B chan­nel. The social media fac­tor is crit­i­cal for the Mil­len­ni­al audi­ence, though. Ipsos MediaCT’s new social influ­ence paper con­tends that Mil­len­ni­als have a unique way of inter­act­ing with social media. About 30% of their media time is focused on user-generated con­tent.