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Younger Americans Prefer Mini-Vacations

"Last year, two-thirds (66%) of Amer­i­cans took at least one trip short­er than five nights, dri­ven by younger gen­er­a­tions (72% of mil­len­ni­als and 69% of Gen X’ers, vs. 60% baby boomers), accord­ing to a new Ipsos poll. For some, these short breaks are the longest vaca­tions they take: about three in ten Amer­i­cans (29%) indi­cat­ed their longest trip last year was last­ed less than five nights."

Charities to Target the 27% of Consumers Who Volunteer on Vacation

With tem­per­a­tures warm­ing up across the coun­try, the count­down to sum­mer trav­el sea­son has offi­cial­ly begun. This year, as trav­el­ers start scout­ing out des­ti­na­tions, they're pick­ing places where they can feel good and do good at the same time.

Retailers Targeting Tax Service Clients Who Plan to Spend Refunds

"Valas­sis, a leader in acti­vat­ing con­sumers through intel­li­gent media deliv­ery, today released new research ana­lyz­ing con­sumer behav­ior relat­ed to tax sea­son. Stem­ming from a sur­vey of more than 1,000 U.S. respon­dents who expect to receive a tax refund in 2019, the find­ings note that more than half (53%) are antic­i­pat­ing receiv­ing the same, or more, mon­ey this year."