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Even Meat Eaters are Fascinated by Veggie Burgers

"Plant-based and veggie burgers are increasingly finding their way on to quick service restaurants (QSRs) menu boards and customers are responding. There were 228 million servings of veggie burgers and veggie sandwiches ordered at QSRs in the year ending May, up 10% from a year ago, reports The NPD Group."

Juicing Options Overflow in Best Cities for Vegetarians

People choose to adopt plant-based diets for various reasons, some ethical, others health-related. According to a 2016 Harris Poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, approximately eight million U.S. adults are vegan or vegetarian. And this group is leading the trend in juice bars and smoothie shops opening across the nation.

60% Consume Meat Alternatives

According to a survey conducted by 210 Analytics, millennials are increasingly interested in vegan cuisine, and more than 60% consume meat alternatives. One in 10 millennials considers herself vegan. There‰Ûªs also this huge group of ‰Û÷flexitarians‰Ûª who are open, interested, and recognize the benefits of eating vegan