With less consumers purchasing new vehicles and deciding to keep their vehicles on the road longer, consumers reported increased vehicle maintenance behaviors in several areas in 2009, according to The NPD Group. When NPD asked consumers about vehicle repair plans for 2010, one out of three (30%) consumers indicated that they are planning to do more vehicle maintenance in 2010. The key areas where consumers increased vehicle maintenance behavior from 2008 included: started changing oil more often; 18% in 2009 versus 12% in 2008; changing an air filter, 41% in 2009 versus 37% in 2008; using a fuel additive (either to clean or improve gas mileage), 11% in 2009 versus 9% in 2008; using a more premium oil, 11% in 2009 versus 8% in 2008; and purchasing a higher quality brand of gasoline; 4% in 2009 versus 3% in 2008.