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Ad-ology 2012 Marketing Forecast: Mobile is the Next Advertising Frontier for U.S. Small Businesses

Small businesses are clearly on board with online marketing overall, but interest in mobile is up sharply, according to Ad-ology Research. More than 20 percent of small business decision-makers say they plan to commit more resources to mobile marketing in 2012, up from the 12 percent who said the same last year.

Google to Position YouTube as Video Ad Leader

Google already has about 40.8% of all online ad revenue according to eMarketer. Between Facebook , which is hoping to increase its share of the online pie, and other tech giants like Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL working together in this arena, Google faces stiff competition. But the company is already making a move into another high-growth sector of online marketing, video.

Younger Consumers to Fuel Growth of Online Video Consumption

Advertisers who use traditional TV to get their message out to consumers can reach a large audience these days. But an increasing number of consumers are watching video content either online or via mobile devices. As these numbers climb, marketers will need to fine-tune their channel strategies to reach the right audience.

Manufacturers to Explore Personalized Ads on Retailer Pages

Manufacturers and retailers have both been looking for the best way to engage consumers with online display ads. For the most part, manufacturers have been placing display ads on content sites or using their own sites to connect with consumers. But new technology and new attitudes are changing the way branded products from manufacturers appear to consumers who are shopping on retail sites.

Ad-ology Insights: Multi-Tasking Consumers, Foodies, and the U.S. Chocolate Market

The October 2010 Ad-ology Insights video briefing features data on Multi-Tasking Consumers, Interests+Attitudes of Foodies, and the growing U.S. Chocolate Market.

Consumers Use Cross-Platform Videos to Access Specific Entertainment

Consumers who turn to more than one platform to watch video are often highly engaged with the programming. And, these days, consumers of all ages are comfortable seeking out their entertainment on the Internet. But TV remains the preferred format for specific types of entertainment according to data presented at the Advertising Research Foundation’s annual meeting.

Old and New Media Predicted to Coexist

When TV shows first started appearing online, some analysts predicted that heavy consumer migration to the Web would impact the advertising business model. But that has not been entirely the case. Writing for the New York Times, Stuart Elliott notes that there has been more synergy than erosion as marketers increase their presence online rather than replacing what they have been doing via TV.

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