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Drill Down and Unpack These Banned Words for 2018

There comes a time in your career when you must evaluate your business vocabulary. (Or, if you're a trend-setting go-getter, you do it annually to keep up with the kids.) Today is that day, people. I've got a list of phrases and words you need to ban from your speech straight away. I'm not just being bossy, Lake Superior State University tells us to zip it every year!

'Reply All' Nightmares, Embarrassing Work Moments Make Us Human" rel="bookmark"> 'Reply All' Nightmares, Embarrassing Work Moments Make Us Human

I swore after a phone call without realizing the other person was still on the line.” Ever happen to you at work? We've all had embarrassing moments among co-workers that we'd rather block out and pretend like they never happened, amirite? BUT, psychologists say we're better off remembering them, sharing them with others, and – you guessed it – learning from them.

Percentage of sales success. How low can you go?

The cold call is THE lowest percentage sales call, it’s an interruption, it’s a fight, it’s often a lie, it’s maximum sales manipulation, it’s a rare appointment, and a rarer sale. Wanna go from low to lower? Cold calls are made by people who are new to the job and have limited capabilities.

How to Banish Up-Speak and Other Vocal Turnoffs From Your Sales Pitch

Your voice is one of key aspects of the image you portray to prospects and customers. If you’ve been working with a client over the phone and have never had a video call or a personal meeting, she will make decisions about you based on your voice.

Don't Lead With Your Name & Other Voicemail Tips

Once you leave a voicemail, the power to call back is in the hands of the call recipient. It’s vital that your message makes the prospect or client want to pick up the phone and dial, and unfortunately, many salespeople aren’t leaving the “right” messages.

Do You Know This Secret to Convincing Prospects to Listen to Your Voice Mail?

Jay Warden, at SalesLoft, knows how to get a prospect to pay attention to your cold-call voice mail. Want to know the secret? Read on.