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Political Campaign Promoters to Target Voters of All Ages

"Midterm voter turnout reached a modern high in 2018, and Generation Z, millennials and Generation X accounted for a narrow majority of those voters, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available Census Bureau data."


Multi-Screen Political Ads Spur 76% of Voters to Take Action

Between now and November, candidates and political action committees will raise and spend money to influence voters. And, they're buying media space to snag voter attention.

Mobile use by those completely turned off by politics

New AudienceSCAN Research Reveals Nearly 1 In 4 U.S. Adults Are Completely Turned Off By Politics This Year

AudienceSCAN® , a division of SalesFuel®, announces the release of its 2016 research, delivering vital purchase intent and psychographic data for consumer marketers and sales forces across all industries. The company surveyed more than 15,000 U.S. consumers this year as it does each year, setting out to get insights into future customers’ purchase intent, personal […]

Political Campaigns to Expand Use of Non-Traditional Media This Year

Every 2 years, local media companies anticipate a revenue boost from political advertising. In recent years, divisive campaigns have resulted in huge windfalls for some TV station operators and newspaper publishers. 2014 is an election year with plenty of expected campaign advertising but some industry watchers are predicting a significant shift from traditional to digital media formats. The Off the Grid survey produced for Google links the shift to changing consumer behavior.