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Manage Smarter 68: Social Wealth – How To Get It and Use It

Jason Treu is an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees to maximize their leadership and management potential. In this episode, we discuss: the concept of social wealth; vulnerability is the lever to build trust super fast among team members; the keys to making your business networking much more effective; what kind of questions to ask to make your team bond into a high-performance team.

Top Seven Ways Leaders Can Destroy Trust

Fostering trust is a key leadership development task for creating a winning culture within every team and a challenge that must be met.

Reps: Are You Using Vulnerability to Boost Sales?

You don’t always have to come across as a confident, smooth-talking person to make the sales. In fact, showing your vulnerability can often get clients and prospects to open up. Jay Feitlinger explains how it’s done.