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Are Your Employees Asking for This New Work-Life Balance Benefit?

Man­agers con­sid­er them­selves for­ward think­ing when they allow employ­ees to work from home. News flash. Work from home has start­ed to morph into the work-from-anywhere trend

Magazines Are Shifting to Content that Resonates with Readers

Like many tra­di­tion­al media sec­tors, mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers have had to adjust to a chang­ing world. And now, there are a few pub­lish­ers who seem to have found their way into prof­itable pub­lish­ing in the dig­i­tal era.

Are Your Clients Telling the Right Story in Their Ads?

The results of sev­er­al sur­veys over recent years indi­cate that younger con­sumers are very inter­est­ed in brand authen­tic­i­ty. This inter­est seems to go hand in hand with their desire to hear a brand’s sto­ry.