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More Than 30% of Women Buy at Least One New Pair of Shoes Monthly

DSW kicked off its new DSW VIP loy­al­ty pro­gram by col­lect­ing insights into the rela­tion­ship between women and shoes through a sur­vey tak­en by its loy­al mem­ber­ship. Results from the March 2018 sur­vey, com­plet­ed by 4,383 of DSW's female loy­al­ty mem­bers, reveals how close­ly their feel­ings about shoe shop­ping align with the perks of DSW VIP.

Women Seeking New Footwear Brands, Styles

Although U.S. women’s footwear growth has been some­what sub­dued dur­ing the past two years, there have been con­sid­er­able changes in the brand land­scape, attrib­uted to the fact that women are more con­cerned not only with com­fort and qual­i­ty, but style over brand when shop­ping for footwear, accord­ing to Women’s Footwear Brand Focus Study 2014, the lat­est report from glob­al infor­ma­tion provider, The NPD Group.

Women's Footwear Sales Back on Top as More Women Update Wardrobes

The U.S. total footwear, which includes ath­let­ic and fash­ion footwear mar­kets, grew 3% in 2012 with total dol­lar sales of 54 bil­lion. The growth of dol­lar sales in the women’s footwear mar­ket led the way with an increase of 4%. The women’s footwear mar­ket con­tin­ues to be a huge growth oppor­tu­ni­ty for brands and retail­ers.