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Targeting Today's 5 Types of Luxury Shoppers

Twenty-seven percent of consumers believe luxury products and services are more accessible. This perceived accessibility gives advertisers a broader audience to reach out to.

TV Media to Promise Marketers Wider Audience Linked to Word-of-Mouth

TV media companies have a lot at stake when it comes to understanding their audiences. Convincing people to watch their programs and discuss the content with friends and family members can increase audience size and improve media company standing with advertisers. New research is shedding light on exactly how people are sharing their thoughts about TV programming these days.

Marketers Use Social Networks to Manage Word of Mouth

The buzz about social networking is growing but some businesses have yet to see the importance of using this new tool. Last week, I mentioned that small online retailers are moving at a slow rate when it comes to social networking. A new report in McKinsey Quarterly may help reluctant business owners see the importance of using social networking effectively.

Marketers Likely to Court Younger Consumers to Boost Word-of-Mouth

The latest surveys and studies would have us believe that product recommendations are only happening in the online universe. Yet 4 in 10 consumers have shared advice or information from an online source in an in-person setting. According to a Synovate release, men (42.5%) are slightly more likely than women (39.3%) to participate in off-line information sharing.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Maintains Rapid Growth Rate

Traditional forms of marketing may be struggling this year, but spending on the word-of-mouth (WoM) channel should rise 10.2% in 2009. That’s the prediction from PQ Media. According to PQ Media, WoM “includes two major sectors – content & service providers and ancillary products”.