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Treat Yo' Self to Better Work-Life Balance

Work just always creeps into our lives, doesn't it? Even when we try and succeed at disconnecting during the weekend, we still end up thinking about what we have to do Monday on Sunday evening. You didn't do any work, you just thought about it for Pete's sake! But it's that kind of subtle self-sabotage that can completely derail us and our future productivity.

Boredom No. 1 Meal-Time Challenge for Moms

According to SheSpeaks Inc.'s recent survey, the No. 1 meal-time challenge faced by women is boredom. "Yes, boredom," Aliza Freud wrote. "Not cost or lack of time. Those are lower on the list. Women are bored and their families are bored with their meals.

Y‑Gen Females More Confident than Other Gens

The report ‰ÛÒ The female millennial: A new era of talent ‰ÛÒ reveals that the female millennial is much more likely to believe she can reach the very top levels with her current employer, particularly those starting their careers (49%). The female millennial ranks opportunities for career progression

Working Moms an Attractive Target for Mobile Marketers

Working Moms — those who are employed full time and have one or more children in the household — are among the country's highest spenders on cellular phone services, spending 21% more than the average cellular user on their wireless bills monthly, according to new research by Scarborough Research. Marketers of cellular products have a particularly important consumer target in the Working Mom. Not only is this group sizable accounting for nine percent of the U.S. adult population (21.6 million adults) and 11% of all cellular users — but they also are more likely to utilize certain cellular features such as texting and downloading. Further, Working Moms are 14% more likely than other cellular users to plan to switch wireless carriers during the next year, which suggests that providers need to further establish brand loyalty within this group.