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How To Get Real Results From Your Ideation Sessions

It’s become trendy in orga­ni­za­tions for man­agers to gath­er team mem­bers for ideation ses­sions. Par­tic­i­pants lis­ten to a brief descrip­tion of the issue. Then they pitch ideas on how to solve the prob­lem or devel­op the prod­uct.

5 Words You're Probably Misusing on a Daily Basis

Chances are, more of your clients and cowork­ers than you even real­ize care a great deal about prop­er gram­mar, and your emails may be mak­ing them cringe.

The Keys to 50% Email Response Rates

How many busi­ness emails do you actu­al­ly get a response to? If you just expe­ri­enced a sink­ing feel­ing in your chest, you’re not alone.

3 Email Openers That Are Butchering Your Likelihood Of A Response

The way you begin any form of writ­ing is the key to whether or not peo­ple will con­tin­ue read­ing. If it’s bor­ing or looks the same as oth­er emails they’ve been open­ing recent­ly, they’ll skip it before even reach­ing your pri­ma­ry con­tent.

Top Hacks for Creating Compelling Content

Are your clients have trou­ble draw­ing traf­fic to their sites? The prob­lem may not be with what their con­tent says. It’s how they’re writ­ing con­tent that can leave tar­get­ed audi­ences feel­ing blah.

How important is writing? It’s the key to the locked door of your success!

I’m writ­ing on writ­ing. It’s the core of my suc­cess. This arti­cle is the sec­ond part of a short course on how I write for each area of my out­reach.

Writing is Not a Mystery. It’s Your Best Chance to Achieve Mastery

My secret to writ­ing is not com­plex: I write like I talk.