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Yellow Pages Industry Looks to Digital for Growth

Yellow Pages publishers have known for some time that the revenue generated from their traditional directories is in decline. Many of these publishers are successfully transitioning to other media products. But new research shows that the industry overall is facing a revenue drop for the next few years.

Local Marketers to Connect via Yellow Pages

Old habits die hard. That sentence sums up the latest findings on how consumers search for local businesses. While there are numerous new platforms available, the top local media resource remains the Yellow Pages with 84% of consumers searching the print or Internet version for information.

Merchant Spending on Yellow Pages and Direct Mail Predicted to Drop

Could the boom in daily deal/social media marketing at the local level be contributing to the demise of more traditional, established media formats? New projections from Borrell Associates on yellow page and direct mail ad spending are sharply negative and the shift to interactive formats may be a big factor. But the news regarding the local ad market isn’t all bad.

Marketers to Rediscover Yellow Pages

One of the oldest forms of traditional marketing, the yellow pages, is emerging from a decade-long slump. For the first time in nearly 10 years, industry operators are expecting a revenue increase. Leading yellow page giants have been busy transforming themselves into online powerhouses and marketers who want to reach consumers will likely allocate part of their advertising budget to this media format.

Yellow Pages to Remain a Force in Local Search

With the huge focus on big search providers like Google and Yahoo!, marketers might wonder what role a traditional provider like print Yellow Pages should play in an optimal media mix. A significant new study on this topic had just been published. According to AT&T, print directories play a big role in the daily lives of consumers.